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New Song

2011-07-14 01:16:12 by Mushu-Productions

Please go by our Audio page and listen to our new song Waking Up. It's worth a listen!

Check out our new song, An Intro to Something Greater. It's short, sweet, and easy to listen to. Also, become a fan on our FB page and visit our Website, both of which can be found by following our links on our Newgrounds Page. There will be some more songs posted in the coming weeks, so stay updated!

Peace -

Dustin (Mushu-Productions)

Check out Dustin's new song, Seven Nation Army Tech-Rock. And don't forget to check us out on Facebook,>>>> here!<<<<
-Luke G. (Mushu-Productions)

Our very own Dustin Vestal finally has a home for all of his crazy and hilarious skits, stunts, and other random videos on "D-Vel's Video Corner" exclusively on Facebook

D-Vel's Video Corner (Facebook Exclusive)

NEW RELEASE!!!!!!!!!

2009-07-30 17:51:53 by Mushu-Productions

We have just now released our first music since last August. It's our first classical piece called DE-PRESS. It can be found here. Be sure to Vote and Comment.


Dustin Vestal (Mushu-Productions)

Our website now features our classic stuff from a few years back. It features videos from "Urine Sain" and even our old-school "Musgrove Productions" stuff. It is still in the "construction" process, but a lot of the stuff is already up-and-running on our site server, so go check it out. To visit the Mushu-Productions Classic Page, simply click here.

*Note: We will also be releasing some never-before-seen classic videos in the near future, so get ready!

Luke G. (Mushu-Productions)


Voice Actors Needed

2009-05-24 12:13:45 by Mushu-Productions

Living The Life

We have been writing scripts to a flash cartoon titled "Living The Life". It is about two teenage boys, Todd Woods and Sam Smith, who try to get away with throwing a party while Todd's parents aren't home. FidioProductions will be animating it for me.
Main Parts

Todd Woods-- Todd is 14 years old and a little overweight. His voice should be a little deep, not much, just a little.
Audition Lines:
1. "This is freakin' awesome! The best part is, we are actually going to get away with it!"
2. "I swear, I have no idea how he got in there."

Secondary Characters

Harvey Woods- Harvey is the 16 year old brother of Todd and son of Vicki and Dan. His voice should be about a medium pitched voice, but not too low pitched.
Audition Lines:
1. (Harvey is locked in a closet during this scene) "Help! Come on you guys, this isn't funny! This broom is uncomfortable."

Tracy Smith-Tracy is 39 years old and is the mother of Sam Smith. She is your typical white-trashy redneck mother with a very high temper. Her voice should be low pitched with a hillbilly/redneck accent.
1. (Angrily) "Now come on back here boy!"
2. (Mad) "Why would you two heathens even think you could get away with something like this?"

Party Guy - This guys voice should be a little low pitched, like an older teenager.
Audition Lines:
1. "Hey! What is that guy doing with that chicken?"

Forrest Gump-Self explanatory. It just needs to be someone who can do a good impression of Forrest Gump.
Audition Lines:
1. "Momma says life is like a box of chocolates."

The auditions should be in .mp3 format and should be sent to

Please audition!

Official Site Updated

2009-05-20 21:07:25 by Mushu-Productions

Check out our newly updated Official Mushu-Productions website.

Also, remember to check our our Official Facebook Page!

Official Site Updated

Mushu-Productions now has an official Facebook page. Join it to receive updates on new releases for everything. Click here to go to the page.
-Luke G. (Mushu-Productions)

Mushu-Productions Official Facebook Page

Mushu-Productions on

2008-11-28 20:37:38 by Mushu-Productions

We are now officially on and PureVolume . To visit our page, click here! To visit our purevolume page click here!
-Luke G.(Mushu-Productions)

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